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Pay Per Click Management Services is one of our most popular services. There are several good reasons for that. Pay Per Click unfortunately has a tough learning curve. It requires mathematical skill, marketing acumen, and constant testing. The interface and settings are ever-changing, so it requires constant exposure to excel at it. It is no surprise when many marketing managers do not achieve the needed Return on Investment. Then they consider using the Pay Per Click Management Services of an outside agency.

The paid advertising channel has a limited number of products and services that work. That is when you consider cost per click and conversion rates. Not all offers will work well in paid advertising. Really low-cost items usually do not work in paid advertising. And some time of year is bad for conversion rates. Knowing your website conversion rate is the first step. Next comes the cost per click you might expect. Then consider the LTV or Lifetime Value of a Customer. Learn why you should talk to us about our Pay Per Click Management Services below.

Pay Per Click Management Services
Pay Per Click Management Services Save you Money!

Pay Per Click Management Definition

This is a digital marketing channel where you pay a fee for each click that comes to your site to view it. It is a quite broad channel that for many people means paid digital marketing. That is because most paid online advertising costs per click but not all. Some types of online advertising pay per thousand impressions not per click. That is when a potential web visitor sees the advertisement on another website. Many digital marketing consultants manage pay per click and pay per impression advertising. The interfaces and marketing skills are quite similar. Pay Per Click Management Services is basically setting up and managing these types of online advertising.

What advertising channels are pay-per-click?

One is Google Ads when your PPC ad is above, next to, or below the organic Search Engine Optimization results. There are very similar systems showing on Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines. That is most search engines’ main source of income. There is also advertising on social media sites Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Linkedin. Many companies have an idea of their website traffic’s ability to convert to a lead or sale. Then it is straightforward to calculate how much a click should be worth. It is more difficult to determine a good Cost per thousand impressions or CPM.

Just Starting with Per Click Advertising

Google Ads is a great marketing channel to consider. The reasons are it is immediate, trackable, and allows you to get more traffic. Within minutes you could have an ad group running with a few bullseye-selected keywords. If you have us help with setting up this, we assist you with finding a list of keywords and expected costs. Our Google Ads management service includes website reviews for their ability to convert traffic. We then interface with your designers to tweak pages for improved results where you are paying for each click. We also suggest auditing your website statistics tracking to make sure we can see what is working before even placing the ads live.

Experienced Need Pay Per Click Management Services

Not sure if you need an outsourced Ads management company? We offer full auditing of Google Ads accounts for how well your account is converting to a sale or lead. This is like a free Google Ads review we do but takes from a day to several weeks to review and write. We can also review your ads and their likelihood to get clicked. Order this Ads service and start to get a handle on Google Ads. You almost always learn something, and it may be worth even paying multiple agencies for audits. See which one is the most thorough and whose thought process is most similar to your companies.

Expert Pay Per Click Account Creation

Once the decision has been made to create a Google Ads campaign it must succeed right from the start. Even a campaign of a few thousand dollars a month, the cost of having it professionally managed is less than the cost of untargeted spend. Research shows that 53% of Google Ads accounts are only logged into quarterly. Most people do not have the time to review performance as often as needed.

Our Google Ads Management Service includes keyword selection, sample ads, and account structure. There are keywords and Ads settings that will make large improvements. Don’t learn Google Ads with your marketing budget. Gain from our experience managing millions of dollars. Jump to targeted keywords and ads immediately. We have the experience to make an account and make website suggestions that Google will reward. They see you as a valuable long-term partner. Not some account that is not focused and is showing ads to untargeted web traffic.

Monthly Pay Per Click Management Services

The cost of ordering this Pay Per Click Management Service is less than the savings you get. We also make you more leads and sales. That is what any good consultant has to do. Customers of ours use our services for years and it frees them for their business. You have control over the account and can ask for new ads and keywords. We send you monthly reports on the performance. Want new keywords or products worked on? Call or email us and we will create a keyword list and sample ads for your review. After you add to them or approve, we go live. Once approved we launch them into your account like the rest of your account.

Pay Per Click Management Services Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pay Per Click Management Services?

Service by a consultant or agency to plan, execute and review digital channels that charge per click. Some online advertising may charge per thousand impressions. It is like having an outside person or company handle most aspects of that digital marketing channel. We make sure our Pay Per Click Management Services make you more money than we cost. Most clients will not continue services if they do not.

What is the average Pay Per Click Management Services fee?

Most agencies have a monthly minimum fee payable to them of $500 to $5,000. The larger more-established agencies will charge more. They may specialize in medical, legal, or home services. Expect them to have much experience and reviews in those areas. Finding an agency whose Pay Per Click Management Services matches your industry, size, and fee structure is vital for a long-term relationship.

What do pay-per-click agencies do?

They review website copy, call-to-action integration, past account performance, keywords, and ads. Then they present improvements to the client for approval. They arrange the ad copy and keywords to upload to the clients’ paid advertising accounts. On the agreed date the new keywords and ads are placed live and any account settings made. Then the account is monitored and adjusted for several weeks. They may or may not suggest monthly adjustments and have a monthly fee for that.

Why is PPC management important?

It is the interface and method most online advertising is done. Most online advertising channels are more competitive than ever. Many industries are maturing and there is consolidation. It is impossible to luck into a good campaign or find keywords no one else is using.

What is PPC manager in Amazon?

It is a person that handles the implementation and performance of Amazon advertising. Sometimes this person may be responsible for the total performance of the Amazon channel. They may manage listing text, pricing, and sales of standard Amazon listings.

How do PPC agencies charge for Pay Per Click Management Services?

It seems that most outside online advertising consultants or agencies charge a minimum of $300 monthly. It can be a variety of methods from flat fees, percentage of spend, or percentage of revenue or revenue improvement. Some larger more established agencies have a monthly minimum of $5000 to $10,000. If you are considering a larger agency it might be good to learn what their minimums are.

Some agencies charge a percentage of spend like radio, television, or newspaper advertising. This can vary from 8 to 20% of the monthly spend. With a $10,000 monthly Google Ads bill and a 20% agency fee you would pay a total of $12,000 with $10k to Google and $2k to the agency. Some agencies charge a flat monthly fee so they are not encouraged to spend more of the your money. Some agency agreements increase with revenue or the number of leads and are not tied to spending. They work to get more sales and it does not matter if the advertising fees managed goes up or down.

Is PPC expensive?

To be honest it is more expensive and competitive than ever. But if you have a limited budget or are looking to test conversion for a product or website that has no traffic otherwise has its advantages. You or your PPC consultant can set a monthly or total budget. It is a system that requires good keyword selection, relevant ads, leading to on-target web pages, and then an optimized path to a conversion. That gets you paid traffic that does something valuable for your company.

How much should you spend on Google Ads PPC?

That depends on your industry, company position in the market, marketing goals, and fixed costs. If you are a newer business or have a new domain you may need to do more Google Ads since SEO traffic is not easy at that phase. It may even be done if unprofitable to test new products or services, new landing pages, or create business when needed. To have it make sense for a consultant or agency to set up your account you should be willing to spend $2,000 to $5,000 monthly. Then you will have a setup fee of $500 to $1000 to the agency.

What skills are required for PPC?

Marketing, Mathematics, Website Conversion Improvement (UX/UI), and a competitive nature are vital. It is helpful to be good at most of those to keep improving at it. Looking at other companies’ ads for ideas and reading books and blogs from other marketers always seems to help us.

How much do agencies charge for Google ads?

They usually start their fees around $500 monthly. They will want double or triple that for the review and optimization needed for onboarding the account. That is because most accounts need quite a bit of work to get it running well and may require a complete restructure and new ads. There are also new ad styles that your account may not have like responsive ads.

How do you charge for Pay Per Click Management Services?

We like to charge a flat monthly fee or based on account performance. We would like to see the account and learn more about your business to make a fee structure that benefits everyone involved. PS: Well except for the advertising platforms :)

The Best Part – Our Pay Per Click Management Fees

Unlike most marketing agencies, we base our Pay Per Click Management Services fees on the difficulty in your market. We try to disconnect the costs from what you are spending on your Google Invoices. This is because we do not want to be concerned that your spending is going down. We want it to go down, and so do you. Well, we want it to have as many conversions as possible at an acceptable Return on Investment. And we bill in a way that makes that more likely to happen.

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