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In today’s competitive market, the importance of used car keywords for SEO and Google Ads can’t be overstated. These tools are vital in driving traffic and attracting potential buyers to your lot. By optimizing your online presence with the right keywords, you make it easier for customers to find you. In the crowded world of pre-owned auto sales, standing out online isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity. There are over 25,000 used car dealers in the USA. This strategy opens doors to a wider audience and can lead to increased sales and growth.

Used Car Keywords for SEO & Google Ads
Used Car Keywords help your SEO and Google Ads Success!

This is part of our series on automotive industry keywords.If your business is not a used car dealership but mostly new see our new car dealership keywords.

The role of Keywords in Marketing

The role of keywords in used car marketing for SEO and Google Ads is pivotal in connecting sellers with buyers. These specific terms and phrases are what customers type into search engines when looking for a used car. By carefully selecting and using keywords that match your inventory and services, you align your dealership with customer needs. This alignment not only increases your visibility online but also boosts your chances of appearing in relevant searches. In short, the right keywords can put your cars in front of the eyes of the very people looking to buy them.

Branded Used Car Keywords

Branded keywords, such as “CarMax” and “DriveTime,” are essential components in the online marketing strategy of these dealerships. They must protect their brand and get as much of this traffic as possible. They refer to the specific use of a company’s brand name in keywords to capture the attention of customers searching for their particular brand. These branded keywords are vital as they enable the dealership to appear prominently in search results when potential customers look for those specific names. By employing branded keywords like “CarMax Used Cars” or “DriveTime Auto Financing,” these dealerships leverages the brand’s existing recognition and reputation to attract targeted traffic to its website or listings. This strategy not only enhances online visibility but also fosters customer trust and helps in building a loyal customer base.

Branded KeywordSearch VolumeCost Per ClickSEO Difficulty
car max368000$1.6577
carmax near me201000$3.1744
carfax used car110000$2.5262
carmax auction33100$2.4564
carmax com33100$1.7371
carmax auto finance27100$3.4364
carmax houston27100$1.8466
carmax orlando22200$1.9568
These are the biggest used car dealerships. They get lots of brand name traffic. Does your dealership? If so make these type of keywords.

Generic Used Car Keywords

Generic keywords like “used car” play a vital role in reaching a broad audience who may be looking for pre-owned vehicles but haven’t yet committed to a specific brand or dealership. These keywords are not tied to any particular brand, making them essential for capturing the attention of potential buyers in the early stages of their search. By targeting generic terms, dealerships can appear in the search results of a wider range of customers, including those who might not yet know what they’re looking for. In essence, generic keywords like “used car” act as a wide net, bringing in various types of customers and leading them to explore what your dealership has to offer. This can increase overall traffic and potentially introduce your brand to new clientele.

Branded KeywordSearch VolumeCost Per ClickSEO Difficulty
used car sales550000$1.4964
used car near me550000$1.9363
used car sales550000$1.4964
used car dealers near me301000$2.7051
used car sales near me165000$1.6061
used car sales near me165000$1.6061
used car values nada110000$1.3750
carfax used car110000$2.5262
used car prices74000$1.3773
used car deals60500$2.1966
Some of these are good and some bad. Why? Do you think they will work for your dealership?

Local Used Car Keywords

Local keywords such as “Used Cars in Dallas,” “Houston Used Car Dealerships,” or “Los Angeles Pre-Owned Vehicles” are immensely valuable in connecting with potential buyers in specific geographical locations. By including the city’s name in the keywords, you’re targeting residents or individuals searching specifically within that area. People searching with these terms are likely already in the buying phase, looking for local options where they can view and test drive the vehicles. By narrowing the focus to specific cities like Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles, dealerships can attract local traffic more effectively, resulting in leads that are not only more qualified but also more likely to convert. These keywords tap into the community, resonating with local buyers who want to shop nearby, thereby increasing the chances of a sale.

Branded KeywordSearch VolumeCost Per ClickSEO Difficulty
pre owned cars los angeles110$3.0555
used car san jose california260$1.4855
pre owned cars new york110$1.3354
used car seattle2900$1.4555
used car dealership seattle720$2.2842
used car seattle wa260$1.6223
pre owned cars seattle50$1.9552
used car sales boston480$1.0454
pre owned cars houston390$2.2047
preowned cars houston140$2.1147
Different people type different words and some include citie, some states, some neither

Long-Tail Used Car Keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer, more specific phrases that customers might use when they are closer to making a purchase, such as “Used Corvette in Miami,” “Chevy Truck for Sale Near Me,” or “Pre-Owned Honda Accord in Chicago.” These keywords are highly beneficial for used car dealerships as they target a very specific segment of the audience. People using these detailed search terms usually have a clear idea of what they want, and they are likely further along in the buying process. By incorporating long-tail keywords into SEO and Google Ads strategies, dealerships can align themselves with the exact needs and preferences of potential buyers. While they may attract fewer searches, long-tail keywords like these often lead to higher conversion rates, as they match the specific desires of consumers who are ready to buy. In short, they offer a more focused and effective way to reach your target audience.

Branded KeywordSearch VolumeCost Per ClickSEO Difficulty
used truck houston texas390$0.9921
used truck las vegas390$1.8958
used truck lubbock390$1.3356
used truck okc390$1.0157
used corvettes dallas tx30$0.9136
used bmw for sale houston320$1.8851
used bmw for sale in ct170$1.1348
used bmw for sale san antonio170$1.6259
used bmw with manual transmission140$0.9468
used bmw e46 m3110$1.0561
Some of these are good and some bad. Why? Do you think they will work for your dealership?

Competitor Used Car Keywords

Competitive keywords are a powerful tool for used car dealerships aiming to position themselves favorably against rivals. These keywords, such as “Hyundai vs Honda,” are used to attract customers who are comparing different brands or models. By targeting these comparisons, dealerships can present their offerings as the superior choice. Here are 10 suggestions that can effectively capitalize on competitive keywords:

Branded KeywordSearch VolumeCost Per ClickSEO Difficulty
2018 accord4400$2.5962
2018 accord touring390$0.8064
2019 accord2400$2.7062
2019 accord touring210$0.9166
2020 accord2900$1.3561
2020 accord touring260$1.2063
2018 honda accord74000$2.6569
2018 honda accord touring2900$0.9165
2019 honda accord40500$2.7365
2020 honda accord49500$1.6662
These used Honda keywords might be good if you have a good selection of Competitors like Used Hyunda or Kias. Test carefully!

Using these keywords in SEO and Google Ads strategies allows dealerships to enter the conversation when potential buyers are evaluating options. By providing information and persuasive content around these comparisons, dealerships can guide customers’ decisions and position themselves as the go-to choice in the competitive market.

Certified Used Car Keywords

Certified car keywords, such as “Certified Pre-Owned Cars,” “Certified Used SUVs,” or “Manufacturer Certified Vehicles,” are some of the most targeted and valuable terms in the SEO and Google Ads arsenal for car dealerships. These keywords resonate with a specific segment of buyers who are looking for the peace of mind that comes with certified vehicles. They want cars that have been inspected, refurbished, and certified by either the manufacturer or the dealer to meet certain standards of quality and performance. By targeting these keywords, dealerships are reaching out directly to customers who value reliability and are ready to invest in a certified option. These terms often have higher conversion rates, as they align precisely with what a certified dealer offers. In essence, certified car keywords connect dealers with customers who are looking for exactly what they have, making these some of the most potent tools in a dealer’s digital marketing toolkit.

Branded KeywordSearch VolumeCost Per ClickSEO Difficulty
certified pre owned bmw12100$8.0737
pre owned cars certified9900$3.4538
certified bmw2900$8.5952
certified pre owned cars near me2400$2.1557
certified pre owned truck590$3.6953
best pre owned certified cars480$2.4733
bmw certified pre owned nashville260$2.0659
certified bmw x5210$4.4144
certified bmw used cars170$7.5547
certified pre owned bmw 3 series170$5.7946
Notice a pattern with which keywords are most expensive? What brands? What types of keywords?

Difference between SEO and Google Ads for keywords:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Ads utilize keywords differently in their approach to online visibility. SEO focuses on optimizing a website’s content to rank organically in search engine results for specific keywords. This process involves using relevant keywords naturally within the content, meta tags, and URLs to improve a site’s ranking over time. Google Ads, on the other hand, is a paid advertising platform where advertisers bid on certain keywords to have their ads displayed at the top of search results for those terms. While both strategies use keywords to target potential customers, SEO is a long-term strategy aimed at building credibility and organic reach, whereas Google Ads provides immediate visibility through paid promotion. Essentially, SEO relies on content and website optimization to draw traffic, while Google Ads leverages paid campaigns to attract clicks and leads, each using keywords in distinct ways to achieve their goals.

Conclusion of Used Car Keywords

In the multifaceted landscape of online marketing for used car dealerships, keywords stand as vital tools, each serving unique functions. From branded and generic keywords that target brand loyalty and a broad audience, to local and long-tail keywords focusing on specific regions and buyer needs, they all play a part in building online visibility. Competitive keywords allow for strategic positioning against rivals, and certified car keywords connect directly with customers seeking reliability. The different utilization of keywords in SEO and Google Ads further illustrates the complexity and significance of keyword strategy in modern marketing. Together, these elements form a comprehensive approach that, when executed thoughtfully, can effectively connect dealerships with potential buyers, driving growth and success in the competitive used car market.

Call to action for Used Car Dealerships

Maximize your dealership’s reach and connect with the right buyers at the right time. Utilize our proven keyword strategies to enhance your SEO and Google Ads campaigns. Start targeting local, branded, long-tail, and competitive keywords today, and watch your sales grow.

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